Friday, April 25, 2008

Hi Everyone.

I hope all of you are enjoying beautiful spring weather. Unfortunately, beautiful weather often comes with a bit of misery for us allergy sufferers. But, who's complaining....

Mike continues to respond very well to his treatment. He has his next MRI scheduled for May 1st, and we have no reason to expect anything but good news. I can't help but remember how scared we were feeling when Mike was originally given his diagnosis six months ago. Since that time Mike has gone through a lot, and at the same time we have learned a lot. We have met many people with similar brain tumors who have defied the odds, and are surviving well. The field of neurological oncology is changing rapidly, with new studies and treatments coming out all the time. In short, we have renewed hope.

As I am writing you, Mike is visiting his friend Craig, who is on an extended stay in Santiago, Chile. I encouraged Mike to take this opportunity to travel. Of course we had some worries, but his doctors gave him a thumbs up for the trip. Life and opportunities should not be taken for granted.

To this end, we have decided to try giving back to those who have helped us. The National Brain Tumor Foundation is holding their 14th Annual Brain Tumor Walk & Angel Adventure. It will be on Saturday, May 3rd. It's a 5K walk, which takes place in Golden Gate Park. This is a last minute decision on our part to participate. We will be out of town the evening before the walk and were planning on staying at a nice hotel. We have now decided to drive back home after attending the wedding of Mike's cousin. We have instead chosen to make a donation to the NBTF Walk with the funds we would have spent on the hotel.

We are also asking all those who are able, to make a donation on behalf of our team, "A Hike with Mike." I am providing a link to our team page for this purpose. The NBTF has been very helpful to us, providing monthly support groups, online newsletters, DVD's and pamphlets, and most helpful, the wonderful conference in February. They have really dedicated staff who have taken a sincere interest in our needs as a family.

Thank you all for you love and support.