Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hi Everyone.

Sorry that has been a long time since my last update. Please always take that as good news. Now that Mike is off the radiation, and only on chemotherapy 5 days per month, there isn't too much to report in between each MRI.

Mike had his most recent MRI reading this past Friday. Dr. Peak, his oncologist, went over the results with a fine too comb, so to speak, and everything looks great. As Dr. Peak says, no new growth mean we have everything stabilized. This means that Mike's tumor is being kept at bay with the medications currently in use. As I probably previously reported, he gets a new MRI every two months, which helps the doctor with his continued plan of care.

While Mike continues to struggle with the fatigue that the medications create, he is working on a part time basis, and keeping busy with the joys of daily life. So maybe it's not always joyful, but hey, nobody promised us a rose garden right?

This past week we enjoyed playing host to Mike's friend Kate from the UK. She was very nice, easy going, helpful, and well, just the perfect house guest! On Saturday my son, Remy, and I attended a day long conference in Sacramento about Brain Tumors. We learned a lot, and really enjoyed the various speakers. Remy walked away with an increased knowledge of interesting brain trivia and many trinkets from the various vendors. I walked away with a new optimism about our future. With all the recent medical advancements, and statistics regarding patient responses to treatment, there is good reason to believe that Mike will continue to beat the odds.

Please know that we continue to appreciate all the good will, and hope you know that you also have our support in challenges of daily life.

Best Wishes.

Dan and Mike